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Creating a microcosm of atmosphere





Joi Aoki of Aoki Landscaping provides a service that is truly an art form. We feel that the objective of a landscape is to remind us of the beautiful things on this earth.  One that should give you a sanctuary to retreat to.  Let us help you create your own personal microcosm of atmosphere. 






Every design unique








Our specialty is the asymmetrical balance that is typical in a Japanese landscape.


















We can fit any design style














Winter special:  landscape instructional package for do-it-yourselfers.


Hiring a professional design-build landscaping company is expensive.


Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t trying to discourage you from hiring a professional.  However, we understand that there is a need for a homeowner who needs landscape construction to be able to access reliable professional help in order for their project to be more cost-effective.


Have you asked yourself these questions?


  •      How am I going to make a design?  I’m not creative.
  •      I don’t know how to install or design a:
    • Grade
    • Sprinkling system
    • Retaining wall
    • Patio or Deck
    • Planting plan
    • Fence
    • Overhead structure
    • Waterfall or water feature
    • Low voltage lighting system
    • Where do I get all the materials or help I need for these features?
    • How do I know whether or not I’m planning something that will be beneficial for me for years to come?
    • How do I wade through all of the information I’m getting online and from hear-say?


Would this help?


  • A personal site visit and consultation with the owner of a reputable design-build landscape construction company.
  • Having your specific needs implemented into a detailed plan view of site.
  • A  list of  plants and trees.
  • Quantity take-offs of materials needed.
  • Information on the suppliers we use, i.e., where to get boulders, sprinkler supplies, soil, gravel, what and where to rent equipment.
  • Detailed schedule of phase execution.
  • Customized instruction based on Joi’s site visit with you.  You will benefit from Joi’s expertise of 30 years of landscape design and installation, which she learned from her father who had 70+ years of experience.
  • 60 minutes of additional consultation services besides initial visit.



Take advantage of the winter months and plan now.  Beat the Spring rush.  When you pay for a professionally designed landscape plan, you will receive personalized instruction on how to install the design yourself.


This offer is valid only until February 15, 2014


  • ·      Pricing:
    • o   $600  Partial area of yard or small courtyard
    • o   $900.  Lots up to ¼ acre
    • o   $1500.  Lots ¼ acre – ½ acre
    • o   $2300. Lots ½ acre – 1 acre